‘Ouroboros’ Polished Brass Incense Gift Set

¥10,800 JPY

Our gift set is the perfect choice for the deservedly self-indulgent or the fragrance lover in your life. Arriving with your choice of 20 incense cones and our multi-purpose solid brass incense holder, it’s the complete bundle to fill your room with calming natural fragrance.


  • Height - 1.4 cm
  • Small Dish Diameter - 7.6 cm | 3 in
  • Large Dish Diameter - 5.3 cm |  2.1 in


LITSEA: May Chang & Cardamom.

ANTHEMIS: Roman Chamomile & Frankincense.

MANDARIN: Mandarin & Neroli (Orange Blossom).

VETIVERT: Pine & Vetivert.

LABDANUM: French Lavender & Labdanum (Rock Rose).

EVERNIA: Bergamot & Oakmoss. 

Designed and made in our Studio in London.

Place your incense cone in the centre of the brass incense burner. Light the tip of the cone until a flame is established. Place in the heart of your home or the room where most needed, and allow the fragrant smoke to gently scent the space.

100% Solid Brass

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