We promise that every single element of Von is
sustainable, natural, and eco-qualified.

All our fragrances are 100% natural and responsibly sourced from trusted British suppliers who work closely with local communities around the world - promoting fairtrade and preserving natural resources.  
We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients in our products, making our products 100% vegan friendly. We only offer the most natural formulas possible, without compromising on quality.
We don't use any harsh chemicals. Every ingredient we use in our formulas is there with a purpose. 100% safe and environmentally friendly qualified. All our products are made in the United Kingdom and every ingredient will always be clearly shown on a Von product, so you can be sure that what's not listed, isn't there. 
You won't find over-embellished packaging at Von. Every part of the packaging we use is made up of recyclable or re-usable material. All our labels are biodegradable and our containers are 100% recyclable or can be reused for another purpose.
Our room spray bottles are made by the eco-friendly Miron violetglass - a bio-life enhancing container for natural products. The atomiser sprays we use in our products are 100% recyclable and our Miron violet glass is made to last a lifetime, but is fully recyclable.  Our room sprays and incense boxes are FSC certified and produced using a mix of recycled and waste paper that is 100% recyclable and reusable.